Swap places at inconvenient moments and torment your friends for funsies in the four player fighting game where you can’t fight!

In the Underworld, the only way to light the darkness is by harnessing “torment energy” created from deadly pranks and mischief. But smashing your daily torment quota is easy when your best friends have got your back. With your besties in tow, some bump’n bops, and a wonderland of infernal torment devices to play with; it’s gonna be a mad romp of sin and slapstick gags!


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Little Hellions coming to Steam early access October 31st, 2022

After 7 years of development, Little Hellions will be available via Steam Early Access on October 31st 2022! Demo available NOW. A new trailer has been released as part of 2022’s Gamedevs of Color Expo Direct.